The Xfinity Center is known all around the world for providing the very best selection of live music in North America. This indoor/outdoor venue has become the number one place to witness concerts in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Xfinity Center brings a non-stop line up of unmissable and iconic names in music to it’s stage throughout the concert season. Some of the greatest names to have previously performed at Xfinity Center include the likes of; Areosmith who have performed at the venue an incredible twenty four times.

Other artists to have graced the stage include; The Eagles, Korn, Spice Girls, The Allman Brothers Band, Avenged Sevenfold, The Smiths, The Who, Rush, Phish, Pearl Jam along with countless other acts… These incredible performances have gone down in history and many bands and superstar vocalists have recorded live DVD’s at the Xfinity Center itself.

The Xfinity Center is a mobile ticket venue. Tickets will be sent electronically to mobile devices, so please ensure yours is fully charged on the day.

There really is no other venue that compares to the legacy of live music in Massachusetts, so it’s no wonder that fans from all across the country return to the Xfinity Center time and time again. If you’re getting ready to see your favorite artist take to the stage at Xfinity Center – look no further for the best ticket option provided by Ticket Squeeze… see more information below.

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Lawn Seats

The Xfinity Center is one of those venues that pulls out all the stops and puts the customer experience at the top of the list – which is clear to see with the incredible range of seating that the venue provides.

All year round fans can witness an unstoppable line-up of live music in the indoor undercover areas at Xfinity Center, but for the warmer months, the venue is transformed into a festival feel setting and invites the crowd to enjoy the concert in the outdoors. Xfinity Center lawn seats are a popular choice for a lot of concert goers as it gives the chance to sit back and relax on the comfortable lawn, take in the beautiful nature views and still experience the music all at the same time.

Nothing beats watching the sunset whilst experiencing your favorite artist perform right before your eyes. As many music fans will know, seeing a live concert outdoors is one of the most indescribable feelings and really makes every person in the crowd feel as though the performance is just for you. Capture the magic with your friends and family and book yourself a lawn ticket for your next upcoming event at Xfinity Center to feel like you are at the world’s best music festival for the day!

VIP Seating

If you’re looking to enhance your experience at the Xfinity Center then the VIP Box Seats may just be the perfect option.

VIP Boxes at Xfinity Center is a great way to catch all of the action and witness your favorite artist perform right before your very eyes as the seating is located right in front of the stage in sections one to three. If you prefer to be seated a little further behind, you can opt for the box seats located in section seven, these are still close to the stage and give impressive views but are slightly more in the heart of the crowd.

The VIP Box seats provide incredible features including a table side wait staff providing refreshments throughout the concert duration. The VIP treatment also includes a private entrance to the show as well as VIP parking so that you will be first in line. Choosing a VIP box also gives you incredible access to an exclusive garden to enjoy, with it’s very own bar, tables and our very own private restrooms. In the exclusive garden you can also order food to make the most of the outside area before heading inside for the live event.

Grab yourself a VIP box for your next event at Xfinity Center and create an even more memorable visit to the venue!

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Low prices & low fees

When booking tickets to see your favorite artist, it can be difficult to find the best ticket value for your money. With Ticket Squeeze, the hard part is already done for you as the online platform provides an exclusive service and keeps the cost low at all times and ensures that every customer receives 100% authentic tickets.

Ticket Squeeze aims to please it’s customers, that’s why you can always expect the very best from them. With a guarantee of low ticket prices and low fees – there’s really no competition. That’s why Ticket Squeeze is one of the most popular choices for booking live music events that are taking place at Xfinity Center.

Ticket Squeeze ensures no hidden costs and provides anything from 5% – 45% lower ticket prices on the market as well as low booking fees.

Choose to book with Ticket Squeeze and you will not be disappointed!

Last-minute downloadable tickets

Downloadable tickets are becoming the world’s most popular tool for event tickets and it really is no wonder why, as downloadable tickets get rid of all of the hassle of having to print a physical copy and bring it to the venue with you.

With physical tickets it’s easy for them to get lost or misplaced or even forgotten on the event night, but with downloadable tickets you can receive them straight to your phone so that all you have to do is bring your phone with you to the event.

Ticket Squeeze has ensured to give it’s customers this option on every purchase, making customers lives just a little easier – making it a great option for upcoming bookings for Xfinity Center.

As well as this, Ticket Squeeze also gives fans the perk of being able to download tickets at the very last-minute, which means there’s no need to worry if you’ve left it til the last-minute to book. As long as there are tickets available, you can book your tickets with Ticket Squeeze right up until the last few days before the event.

This is a free service and a wonderful way to take the pressure off your mind, so that you can turn up on the night with your E-ticket ready to go and enter the Xfinity Center for an incredible and memorable experience!

PLEASE REMEMBER: You WILL need to provide your E-ticket on the event door at Xfinity Center, please do ensure that your phone is fully charged before making your way to the venue. If you cannot provide your ticket booking to a member of staff we cannot guarantee entry into the event.

Event Cancellation and Refund Policy

Along with all of the other incredible perks that Ticket Squeeze provides, the online platform also has ensured that customer satisfaction is at the top of their list, with the following policies that have been put in place.

In the rare occurrence that your upcoming event at the Xfinity Center is cancelled and if you have booked with Ticket Squeeze, you can relax knowing that you will be completely covered.

Ticket Squeeze will refund you for the total ticket cost of your original booking and as soon as the event details have been updated with the cancellation – you will receive an email detailing your refund which will be sent straight to the bank account you first booked with.

Another great policy that Ticket Squeeze has put in place is for any events that have been postponed. If you have discovered that your upcoming event has changed date or is soon to be updated with a rescheduled date, there’s no need to worry as Ticket Squeeze will let you know as soon as possible.

You will receive an email detailing the newly rescheduled date as soon as it’s been confirmed and to make your experience even better – your tickets will still remain to be valid.

Just keep hold of your original booking and either your physical printed tickets or downloadable tickets and show them on the rescheduled night at Xfinity Center.

PLEASE DO REMEMBER: The above guarantees are ONLY for tickets purchased with our preferred ticket seller; Ticket Squeeze.

If you purchase your Xfinity Center tickets elsewhere, we cannot garuntee the above information. ALWAYS make sure to double check the price and read any ticket terms & conditions thoroughly to ensure tickets are 100% authentic.