There are 16 parking lots at the Xfinity Center. The general parking lots are included in the ticket price for all guests, with plenty of spaces to accommodate all vehicles.

Parking lots usually open between one to two hours before door time. Local law enforcement and venue staff manage parking, basing the closer spaces on a first-come, first-served basis.

Due to the large capacity, it can take a while to park if you arrive at peak times. Likewise, leaving the general parking lots can take well over an hour for larger shows. For this reason, many guests strongly recommend using one of the upgrade options:

  1. Rockstar parking: For $1,000, one vehicle per show can upgrade to Rockstar status. It brings a private, fenced-off grassy tailgating space with a private port-a-john, picnic table, and quick exit.
  2. Blue Lot: More realistically, guests can upgrade to the Blue Lot for $70 per vehicle. It is approximately a 5-10 minute walk across the street from the venue. It allows for a fast and easy exit after the show.
  3. Red Lot: This upgrade costs $130 per vehicle. It guarantees a preferred exit after the show and close walking distance to the venue on arrival.

While the upgrades might seem costly, they guarantee a much speedier exit than the general lots.

Xfinity Center parking