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Xfinity Center - MA | Mansfield, Massachusetts

Kiss Concert

Why don't you say so? KISS 108 presents summer's hottest shows, Kiss Concert 2024, headlined by the one and only Doja Cat. The "Say So" singer will be hitting the stage, brought to you by Boston's hit music radio station, Kiss 108. The annual tradition brings some of the best and most famous names in pop music to the big stage. Kicking off hot summer days and nights, it's a concert that's bound to have hearts set ablaze. It's all happening at Xfinity Center on Saturday, June 1. The Grammy Award-winning singer emerged as a shape-shifting rapper, singer, and producer, soaring the charts with her viral hits "Say So" and "Kiss Me More". In an era where she maximized the power of TikTok, she grew a massive fanbase, becoming one of the biggest artists of the 2020s, according to Billboard. After painting the town red with her newest album "Scarlet", she's set to perform all-out at this year's Kiss Concert with her big hits and new anthems. Book your tickets now!

She's got us singing 'why don't you say so?' back in quarantine days... now she's performing all-out at this year's Kiss Concert, brought to you by Boston's hit music station KISS 108. Kicking off bright and hot summer days, Doja Cat is performing a headlining show, celebrating pop music that's here to stay. Back in 2019, she released her breakthrough album "Hot Pink" with its early hit singles "Juicy", "Amala", and "Bottom Bitch". Then January 2020 came, and "Say So" was unleashed as the fourth single off of Hot Pink. A few months later with the help of TikTok, the track became the most streamed song in the US of 2020 by a female artist. Following its massive success, she released a remix featuring Nicki Minaj, topping the US Billboard Hot 100, the first ever female rap collab to strike the top of the chart.

"We are so excited to kick off summer with the legendary Kiss Concert featuring Doja Cat," Dylan Sprague, Senior VP of Programming for iHeartMedia Boston shared. "Very few artists have had the impact on music like Doja Cat has had in the last few years and we know that the Kiss 108 listeners will be excited to see her and the rest of the lineup."

Performing alongside a roster of big & up-and-coming artists of the decade, Doja Cat sure is an inspiration for people to dream big, and have fun along the way. Fresh from the release of her fourth album "Scarlet", she's set hearts ablaze with her biggest hits and new anthems. Following her big hits "Paint the Town Red" and "Agora Hills", the artist shared new songs with A$AP Rocky and Teezo Touchdown on her new Scarlet 2 Deluxe album.

Her new songs include "Masc" featuring Teezo Touchdown, "Acknowledge Me", "Headhigh", "Okloser", "Piss", "Urrrge!!!!!!!!!!" with A$AP Rocky, and "Disrepectful".

In a conversation on the Therapy Gecko podcast, Doja Cat shares that she feels that the extended album "connects to the story of Scarlet in some degree," Diving deep into his story, she shares that listeners will discover this connection she's talking about. "There’s nothing anything very personal happening to me with one person. Claude Frollo doesn’t depict a single person in my life. It’s like a metaphor for the people that creatives endure on a daily basis."

Don't miss out on Doja Cat's fiery set at Kiss Concert 2024 by booking your tickets now!

Kiss Concert at Xfinity Center - MA

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