Big Time Rush, Max & Jax at Xfinity Center

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Xfinity Center | Mansfield, Massachusetts

When all they really want is to be your boyfriend, the world's favorite boyband heartthrobs are making their big comeback as they can't get enough of sharing their energy live on stage. Big Time Rush just announced their newest Can't Get Enough Tour kicking off this summer, stopping by at Xfinity Center on Wednesday, 12th of July 2023. The tour will be joined by special guests Max & Jax. Following their reunion tour trek last 2022, the band is set to throw big surprises after the release of their new single "Can't Get Enough". As the "Boyfriend" heartthrobs dominate the scene once again, make sure to save your seats at the tour by booking your tickets now!

Big Time Rush, Max & Jax at Xfinity Center

Gearing up to live it big time, Big Time Rush is launching the Can't Get Enough Tour in full swing, dropping a new single of the same name and debuting the track live on TODAY. The energetic disco-pop banger got fans dancing on their feet as Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan lead the dancefloor. The tour follows their sold-out reunion tour run last 2022, promising new music and big surprises.

"To put it simply, we can’t get enough. Can’t get enough of making new music and can’t get enough of performing for everyone." Big Time Rush shared in a statement. "We are influenced by many different artists, styles, and decades and “Can’t Get Enough” is a nod to the disco era,"

Teasing new music in the works, BTR promises that the Can't Get Enough Tour will be a wild ride. "Since our first shows back in 2021, we decided this isn’t a reunion. This is a comeback." the band added.

BTR's comeback made its first waves back in 2020 when the band uploaded a video in April wishing their fans well during the pandemic. By June, the band uploaded an acoustic performance of their fan favorite song "Worldwide". As Christmas came, BTR gave fans a special gift, a video performance of "Beautiful Christmas", uploaded by James on YouTube.

Performing a series of reunion shows in the following year, the band released a new single "Call It Like I See It" in December 13, 2021. The track marks their first release since 2013. As an overnight sensation driven by their feature on the 2009 Nickelodeon TV series Big Time Rush, the band caught the hearts of fans around the globe. Their biggest hits and crowd favorites include "Windows Down", "Boyfriend", and "Worldwide".

Over the last two years, Big Time Rush released a slew of new singles including "Call It Like I See It", "Fall", "Paralyzed", and "Can't Get Enough". Following 300,000 tickets sold-out on their "Forever Tour" reunion in 2022, the band couldn't get enough and revealed that this isn't just a reunion, it's a comeback. A big one, for sure.

"Since our first shows back in 2021, we decided this isn’t a reunion. This is a comeback. The Can’t Get Enough Tour is going to be bigger than ever."

Promising to make every night a special one, make sure to save your spots at BTR's Can't Get Enough Tour by booking those tickets now!

Big Time Rush, Max & Jax at Xfinity Center

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